Paris Truck Co. Partners with Lander!

Lander Skateboards - Paris Trucks


From: Paris Truck Co:

"We hope this new year brings you positive energy and endless possibilities for the future! With opportunities abound and 2023 now underway, we’re extremely excited to announce our new global partnership with Lander Skateboards! 

Founded in Los Angeles, California, Lander Skateboards is a new take on eco-plastic skateboard decks. Lander’s mission was to create a new iteration of a skateboard, using a perforated design with a focus on high-performance and strength. Incorporating recycled nylon from commercial fishing nets, they’ve crafted decks that are fun, fully-functional skateboards, begging to be ripped and ridden!

Unlike most of the current “nostalgic” plastic skateboards on the market today, Lander boards were designed by skateboarders for the people, with ergonomics and application in mind. Light, rigid, and supremely shred worthy, we’ve followed form with function, outfitting Lander decks with Paris Street Trucks for peak pushing performance."

Lander Skateboards Lander Skateboard Mini Cruiser