LANDER Gift Card


LANDER Gift Card

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$149 for a complete skateboard with trucks and wheels.

$99 for the deck only.

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LANDER Skateboard colors - Olive, Sand, Blue, Gray, and Rose.
The Lander Setup
Good looks and quality gear

Everything attractive about this skateboard has its function.

The deck is light weight and engineered with contours for serious strength. The perforated deck comes in our five standard colors that both pops as a design element, uses less material, and drains water or sand. On top of that our stock components are really really nice, giving a great overall ride on a setup that is built to last.


Cruising on a Lander is a really good time!

 Whether you’re using our board for a commute or just pushing down the street for the love of the sport, you’re going to enjoy your time with this board. 

High quality functionality and beautiful design.

This skateboard setup is built for smooth ride and a high level performance capability with a whole new look. And yeah, people are probably going to stare as you cruise by.