Frequently Asked Questions

Our decks are primarily made from durable Recycled Nylon, 100% of which is from abandoned ocean fishing nets. Recycled Nylon absorbs road chatter, reducing foot fatigue and making for a quiet ride to keep the haters and dogs at bay. We reinforce this material with glass fiber to ensure a sturdy, high-performance ride.

Our decks are injection-molded, which is a high-tech, efficient manufacturing process that does not produce waste.

Lander decks are made by a preeminent skateboard manufacturer in Taiwan.

Aside from providing a view of the road beneath, the diagonal hole pattern on our decks creates heel-toe flex, promoting a surf-like feel. The holes also keep our decks light, allowing the depth necessary for a sturdy ride.

Yes, similar to your favorite 7-ply maple deck. Lander decks have great "foot feel"—you can tell exactly where your feet are on the deck without looking down.

Yes. Lander decks are completely waterproof, but remember to dry and maintain any metal components that can develop rust.

No. Each hole has a small tread around its circumference, providing grip no matter where your feet are on the deck and no matter the conditions. Since tread is integrated into our decks, there is no secondary material that wears away.

The RIO is a compact commuter deck at 24" L x 7.75" W, and the RODEO is a full-size cruiser at 30" L x 8" W.

Lander decks are lightweight and comparable to your regular maple deck. The RIO weighs 2.3 lbs (deck only) and 5 lbs (complete), while the RODEO weighs 2.9 lbs (deck only) and 5.65 lbs (complete).

The RIO is a compact commuter deck meant for convenient bashing around, while the RODEO is a full-size cruiser suited for both the street and park. Lander decks are high quality and well-designed—either model can be ridden hard. Please keep in mind that you can break a traditional wood deck if you really want to, and Lander decks are no different. Ride within reason!

Yes and yes. Remember to ride within your abilities and always wear proper safety gear.

We haven’t found one. If your feet can fit on the board, you can ride it. Don’t expect much sag between the trucks, if any, as the Lander is well-designed, expertly constructed, and intended for use by riders of all sizes and skill levels.

Our completes come with Paris Truck Co. Street Trucks—108mm on the RIO and 129mm on the RODEO.

Our completes come with Lander wheels made from high quality urethane—59mm x 80A Duro on the RIO and 61mm x 85A Duro on the RODEO. Completes also come with double shielded, 608zz, ABEC 7, stainless steel bearings.

Absolutely. Set up our decks with your favorite components, or display them on your walls.

Founded in Los Angeles by a small group of designers, manufacturers, and former professional skateboarders, Lander began with the idea to create an all-new iteration of the classic cruiser skateboard. We made the first Lander for fun—the curiosity and passion of our earliest supporters inspired us to develop our original prototype into the boards we make today.

Lander decks and completes can be purchased through our website or from your local skate shop. If your skate shop does not carry Lander decks, ask them to reach out to us. Limited releases, collaborations, and accessories can be purchased through our website.

The RIO is named after the stretch of the Los Angeles River that runs through Frogtown, where our decks were designed and developed. The RODEO is named in commemoration of the adventurous spirit of skateboarding.

Yes, our decks are patented on multiple continents—and trademarked too! You can reference our Intellectual Property page for specifics and updates.

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