We haven’t found one - if your feet can fit on the board, you can ride it. And don’t expect much sag between the trucks, if any, as the Lander is well designed, expertly constructed, and intended for use by riders of all sizes and skill.

The primary ingredient in our proprietary blend is Recycled Nylon, 100% of which is certified as being from Ocean Fishing Nets. Glass fiber reinforcement makes up the rest, and ensures a rigid, high-performance ride. The nylon also absorbs road chatter, reducing foot fatigue, and producing a quiet ride, keeping the haters and the dogs at bay.

Yes and Yes. But ride within your abilities and always wear proper safety gear.

Aside from providing a unique view of the road beneath, their diagonal pattern creates a heel-toe flex pattern, promoting a surfy feel. The holes also save on weight, allowing the deck to have the depth necessary to facilitate a responsive ride.

No. Each hole has a small tread around its entire circumference, creating a grippy ride no matter where your feet are, and no matter the conditions. And since the tread is integrated, there’s no secondary material to wear away or replace.

Yes. Similar to your favorite 7-ply Maple. We’ve been told that Landers have great foot-feel, meaning you can tell exactly where your feet are on the deck without looking down..

Yes. No need to worry about waterlogging your Lander - but obviously you’ll want to maintain any metal components that can develop rust.

Lander decks are lightweight, comparable to your maple-ply popsicle. The Rio weighs in at 2.3 LB / 1 KG (deck only) and 5 LB / 2.25 KG (standard complete), while the Rodeo comes in at 2.9 LB / 1.3 KG (deck) and 5.65 LB / 2.56 KG (complete).

The Rio is a compact commuter at 24”L x 7.75”W, and the Rodeo is a full-size cruiser at 30”L x 8”W.

 Paris street Trucks - 108mm on the Rio, and 129mm on the Rodeo.

Lander-branded quality urethane - 59mm/80A duro on the Rio, and 61mm/85A duro on the Rodeo. Bearings are Lander-branded, double-shield, 608zz, Abec 7.

Absolutely. We love when our customers fit out their Lander in personal ways - please send images and videos of your unique set-up and let us know if you’re okay with us sharing it with the world!

Lander decks are made by a preeminent skateboard manufacturer in Taiwan.

Our decks are Injection-Molded, which is a high-tech and efficient manufacturing technique producing no waste.

The Rio is a compact-commuter, meant for convenient bashing-around, while the Rodeo is a full-size cruiser, intended to meet just about any need around town. That said, the Lander is well designed, and of the highest quality manufacturing, so you’ll notice that either model can be ridden hard and can do just about anything you ask it to do, whether around town or in the park. Please keep in mind that you can break a traditional wood board if you really want to, and the Lander is no different. Ride within reason!

Lander Skateboards was founded (somewhat serendipitously) in Los Angeles by a small group consisting of designers, manufacturers and a former professional skateboarder. It’s a longer story of course, but in short, our company and products exist to service and to celebrate the adventurous, inclusive spirit of skateboarding.

Support your skate shop - buy Lander from your favorite local spot! If they don’t carry them, ask them to reach out to us. You can of course also purchase directly through our website at www.lander.la, where you’ll also sometimes find limited releases, collaborations and accessories.

The Rio is named after the stretch of Los Angeles River in Frogtown, where the Lander was designed and developed. The Rodeo is named in commemoration of skaters’ desire to display and share their adventurous skill and spirit, just like cowboys at a rodeo.

Yes, on multiple continents - and Trademarked too! You can reference www.lander.la/ip for specifics and updates.